2 Day LIVE Training:

How To Ditch The Diets And Live Thentically Fit With Balanced Nutrition

Are you jumping from diet to diet? Are you feeling stuck in a meal plan with food restrictions? Well... Not anymore because I’m a here to help bring change!

You can find the freedom you are looking for. In this 2 day FREE training you'll learn everything you need
to ditch the diets for good, so you can live your true auTHENTIC life. No longer feel like you are on a diet,
but rather following a balanced diet to fuel your body for overall wellness: Physically,
mentally/emotionally, and socially. In this training I'm going to break down exactly how I did it step by
step, so you that you can too.

Here’s what we will cover in this free training:

#1: Diet Culture & Balanced Nutrition

• What is diet culture and how
has it affects us physically.
mentally, and socially?
• Fad diets and restrictive diets.
• Mindset shifts we need.
• What is balanced nutrition?
• What are the benefits? What
does it look like?

Day #2: Approaching Balanced Nutrition With Intuitive Eating & Calories/Macros

• What does intuitive eating even
• What are calories and macros?
• Carbs, fats, and protein broken
down in detail.
• How to set your calories and
macros for your goals

This training is for you if you want more flexibility in your nutrition, but...

•You find yourself constantly restarting a diet and are stuck in the endless cycle.
•You are tired of being on a “diet” and you want to find freedom from foodrestriction, so you can happily live life with confidence and energy.
• You know you need a more positive relationship with food, but it’s hard to unlearnwhat diet culture has presented.
• You are overwhelmed with all the nutritional information out there, that you don’tknow which is best for you and how to start.
• Self-doubt with staying consistent is creeping in and you are starting to question if you will ever get the hang of a healthier lifestyle while being a mom.
• You failed before and now you are terrified to try something new

I know how you feel because I have been there too.

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Follow The Steps To Win:

• Register for the training
• Attend both days of the training or watch the replay
• Complete the homework for each day
• Share a takeaway from the training to your IG story with a screenshot of the training, a quote, or a
picture of yourself.
• Tag me @alishamartinfit so I can see!